Pets Imperial® Savoy Chicken Coop with Double Nest Box

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    Pets Imperial® Double Savoy Chicken Coop


    • Dimensions incl nest box: 4 ft 9"(W)x 3 ft 3"(D)x 3 ft 1"(H)
    • Suitable for 6-8 medium-sized birds, or 10-12 small-sized birds (bantams)
    • Two nesting areas with 3 individual nesting spaces each (a total of 6 nesting spaces)
    • Four roosting perches inside
    • Opening roof over nesting area for easy egg collection
    • Pull-out tray/dropping board covered with galvanised metal for easy cleaning
    • Lockable run door – totally fox proof
    • Feet of coop covered by rot free adjustable plastic cap
    • Waterproof asphalt roof
    • Front ventilation door with wire mesh
    • Made from animal-friendly treated timber, solid tongue and groove assembly, designed to last for years
    • Also suitable for other small animals like rabbits, ferrets, fowl, duck, guinea pig, quail
    • Comes flat packed in two boxes, requires assembly, clear instructions
    • All parcels will be shipped together but could arrive separately, depending on how the courier organises their daily deliveries

    Detailed Information

    The Savoy Chicken Coop Double Nest Box is an excellent coop with a fantastic range of features making it excellent value for money. It is a traditional coop made from wood, with a slanted roof design, and featuring an asphalt roof.

    Its approximate dimensions are 4 ft 9"(W)x 3 ft 3"(D)x 3 ft 1"(H) including the overhangs.


    The internal space and features (including roosting perches and nesting areas) make it suitable for 6-8 medium-sized birds or up to 10-12 small-sized birds like bantams. Please acknowledge that different species have different living requirements and these numbers are only rough approximations that are based on our own experience and that of customers who are using the coop.

    There are two nesting areas on each side of the main coop living area. Each of these nesting areas is separated into three separate compartments, giving a total of 6 nesting compartments. Birds typically huddle together to keep warm and do not require a lot of space. That is why you will find that the nesting compartments will typically be shared between two birds when they fit.

    The health of your birds is the most important thing to consider when choosing a chicken coop. Good hygiene is a must for the health of the birds and to ensure the coop remains clean and parasite free, you would need access to its internal parts for regular and thorough maintenance. The Savoy Chicken Coop is designed with fully-opening roof parts to allow for access to all internal parts of the coop so that you can check or treat it against lice, red mite, and other common parasites.

    savoy double fully opening

    The nesting areas have their own roofs, which, like the main roof of the coop, open up for easy access to allow for cleaning or other maintenance, but also to allow for easy egg collection.

    Another feature that enhances hygiene is the pull-out tray/droppings board. It sits right beneath the main living area where the perches are. It is coated in galvanised metal and can be pulled out and away both from the front or the back side of the coop for easy cleaning. The perches themselves are also removable for cleaning.

    savoy double pull out tray

    Your birds’ living quarters also include a ventilation window with mesh wire. It is positioned up high so that it allows for venting out moisture and heat without creating a draft which could be unhealthy for the birds.

    The Savoy Chicken Coop boasts a traditional sloped roof design with an asphalt layer on top. Here is why this design is superior to other coops on the market:

    1. A slanted design asphalt roof protects the wood structure from rainwater - it will increase the durability and significantly increase the number of years your coop will last. In comparison, an unprotected wooden roof will warp as a result of water damage - rainwater will find the tiniest of gaps and sooner than you know, it will be time for another coop.
    2. An asphalt roof provides insulation and protection from the elements. The strong asphalt acts as an insulator, ensuring your coop stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, therefore keeping your birds happy, healthy, and laying!

    Most of our competitors avoid offering an asphalt roof, because this significantly increases the coop’s production cost and makes it heavier, which also means higher delivery costs and reduced profit margins for the seller. So choose wisely and invest in a high-quality coop that will last a long time and be more comfortable for your birds.

    The Savoy Chicken Coop Double Nest Box is made to last. It is made from environmentally friendly, hard-wearing wood, which is chosen for its integrity and lack of splintering. There are no staples or nails – the wood cladding uses secure-locking rigid tongue and groove panels. Additionally, the feet of the chicken coop are protected by rot-free adjustable plastic caps. We’ve also supplied this coop with rust-proof locks, handles, and pull-out tray.

    kennel plastic feet

    Your coop is supplied flat-packed and should reach you in great shape with no transport defects (always check the package for damage before accepting it). Please note that the Savoy Chicken Coop Double Nest Box comes in TWO packages which may be delivered separately. The packages include clear, easy to follow assembly instructions.

    This chicken coop is also available with a run - see here.

    Buy now with complete confidence.