Insulated Dog Kennel - Best Home for Your Dog

Insulated Dog Kennel - Best Home for Your Dog

When keeping your dog outdoors, the quality and sustainability of the dog house are the most important features. Not only will your pet be protected from the heat in summer, but also from freezing in the cold season. If the kennel is insulated, it fulfils an important quality criterion. 

Insulated dog kennels - the optimal protection against heat, cold and wet

Pets Imperial® Insulated dog kennel

Usually, the insulation is on all sides, including the walls and the floor and the material used for the kennels is weatherproof and weather-resistant such as wood and plastic.

The variants of the dog cabin are really versatile. For smaller dog breeds there are insulated kennels with stairs and a roof terrace. Some of the large budget dog houses also have integrated heating, a small terrace, windows or a feeding station for the bowls. 

An important detail is that the item needs to be treated with a harmless glaze for an initial protection against the weather. Without care, wood dries out and can become brittle, warp or lose its protection function. You should therefore ensure that your dog kennel is thoroughly cleaned and prepared on a regular basis. Use wood care products that are harmless to animals.

Place the dog kennel where it's sheltered if possible, that way you will reduce weather-related wear and tear and also - your dog is going to feel much safer in a storm for example or during fireworks.

The Pets Imperial® dog kennels "Norfolk" feature insulation on the front, back, floor, and side panels. The insulation consists of three layers -  a layer of 1.2 cm thick timber, a layer of 1.3 cm thick styrofoam, and a plywood board layer of 0.2 cm thickness. The walls of this doghouse are over 150% thicker than most competing products. 

Insulation on the front, back, and side panels

 To make your dog feel particularly comfortable in the kennel, Pets Imperial® recommends placing an insulating mat on the floor. 

Below is a list of other important features of the dog kennel aside from insulation:

  • Dog kennels size

It is important when choosing a dog house to consider the size of the dog and its breed and to choose the right size. 

For the convenience of our customers all models offered online on Pets Imperial® website are described with approximate dimensions. If you are going to get a dog house for a puppy, but you intend to use the house in the future, inform yourself of the maximum sizes the respective breed reaches.

Important: The kennel should not be too big, as the dog creates a pleasant and warm climate with its own body heat and only then can it stay in it. If the hut is too big, this will not be achieved.

  • Material

The material it is made from is also important for good protection against cold and moisture. Models made of wood impress with their combination of durability and robustness. 

The perfect dog kennel is suitable for use both outdoors in the yard and indoors, such as your living room, terrace or corridor. 

The Pets Imperial® Dog Kennels are made from animal-friendly treated timber, solid tongue and groove assembly, designed to last for years. Only high-quality materials are used in their construction, which makes them beautiful and at the same time healthy and completely safe for your pets. 

  • Wood cover

For weather resistance, the insulated kennel should also have an impregnation or protective coating. The wooden dog houses should often be painted with non-toxic paint that will not wear off under the influence of rain, wind or sunlight. 

  • Ventilation in the dog house

All Pets Imperial® dog kennels provide maximum internal air ventilation through opening roof and PVC strip curtains that close again after the dog has passed through. 

If the kennel is bigger, there are variations with additional windows on the market. The door should be made of clear plastic. You are going to make a good choice with, for example, louvred doors.

  • Opening asphalt roof for quick and easy cleaning

The split-opening roof is important for easy cleaning, maintenance, and pest control

Visiting you can choose between classic wooden houses with a flat opening roof or get a solid dog ​​house with a pointed roof. Since the roof can be opened completely, the space inside can be cleaned quickly and easily. Wide eaves protect the wooden walls from rain and shelter the entrance to the hut.

  • Keeping the hygiene level

Whichever house you choose, remember that good hygiene comes first. Clean the house regularly, but also maintain the hygiene of the dog itself. The health of your dog is the most important thing to consider when buying a kennel. Have in mind, the opening roof helps for much better hygiene!

  • Plastic legs

The mounted legs are useful for easier moving and transport, and at the same time, this way the dog house is higher off the ground, which contributes to better thermal insulation, protection against the cold and wet ground.

All Pets Imperial® models of dog house have support height-adjustable legs. In addition to the benefits listed above, this feature ensures good air circulation. The wooden legs are covered with rubber caps that protect them from constant moisture from the soil.

  • Installation

Make sure that the dog kennel is supplied in easy-to-assemble modules and comes withclear, easy to followinstructions.


Our dog kennels meet all the requirements above for a safe, cosy and secure dog home. This design is simple without unnecessary additions to increase the price. 

Choose from the Pets Imperial® insulated dog kennels, available in a range of sizes:

Norfolk Dog Kennel XL   Grey Norfolk Dog Kennel XL  

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