Is It Better if Your Chicken Coop Has a Run?

Is It Better if Your Chicken Coop Has a Run?

The chicken run is simply an enclosed space where your hens can safely roam. For sure, they need space for roosting, and spending the night, but if you could ensure more outdoor space for them with a chicken run next to the coop, it would make them much happier.

Having your hens running around your garden without any restrictions has its benefits for them, like giving them plenty of space to peck and looking for food on the grass. This option is not secure and also it allows them to damage the garden.

Enclosing a special space for the chickens next to their chicken house allows them to do what they need to do outdoors and access when they need to (lay eggs, walk, feed, stand on the perches in the chicken coop etc.) and be protected from predators at the same time. It also keeps them away from your flower beds and the rest of your garden, so they won't dig it or drop it all over the garden.

Chicken runs help to keep chickens safe in environments where free-range is either not an option or is not desired by the owners.

The main benefits of a chicken run are:

  • Protection from predators - reinforced galvanised wire secured very strongly to the strong wooden frame of the run
  • Health benefits - fresh air, sunbathe, dust bathe, forage on grass
  • Protection from bad weather - easily you could cover it for protection against rain or sun if there is no extended roof over the run
  • The chicken run encourages natural behaviour - there is enough place to roam
  • Movable - if you need to change the place of the run and the chicken coop, so they get fresh grass
  • Easier to maintain - easy for cleaning
  • Taking care of rest of your yard

With a variety of designs and sizes available, you have the option to choose from chicken runs, depending on how you intend to use them. 

  • Chicken coop with built-in run

This allows for the roof to be extended over the run area, thus giving your birds the freedom to move around even when raining. The whole construction (coop with a run) is more compact. 

Online shop offers two types of built-in runs - with a run right next to the chicken coop with extended waterproof asphalt roof over the run area, or elevated coop, which allows for the run to be extended beneath the house. This not only maximises indoor and outdoor space, but has other benefits too:

     - The main sleeping area is away from the ground and remains dry even after heavy rainfall

     - The elevated chicken coop provides additional protection from rodents or pests

     - A higher coop appeals to chicken’s natural instinct to be up high and roost off of the ground

     - Raised chicken coop is easier to reach into when collecting eggs, cleaning, and doing maintenance

Chicken coop with a built-in run is the best choice if you have a small garden.

Pets Imperial® best sellers in that category are:

Pets Imperial® Monmouth Chicken Coop   Pets Imperial® Grey Dorchester Chicken CoopPets Imperial® Arlington Deluxe Chicken Coop      Pets Imperial® Grey Warwick Chicken Coop   Pets Imperial® Dorchester Ark Chicken Coop with Built-in run  Kingsbourne chicken house with built-in runGreen Ritz chicken house with chicken pen

Choose the design that fits you most or check all out models here.        


  • Attachable run to the chicken coop

The chicken pens, which can be attached to the chicken coop, are usually bigger and brighter. They provide more space to the chickens and usually their place is changeable, i.e. if you need to replace the run, you could attach it in front and one at the rear side of the chicken coop.

Check our Pets Imperial® Savoy Chicken Run. It can be combined with additional runs (and you can purchase them separately or together with the house) to increase the overall size of the chicken pen to 2.8 m, 4.2 m, 5.6 m etc. 

Pets Imperial® best seller in that category are:

        Savoy Double Nest Box Chicken Coop with 1.4 m Run

All our chicken houses with run (built-in or attachable) are supplied with secure locks. The run area is made up from reinforced galvanised wire that is secured very strongly to the sturdy wooden frame. The strong chicken pen structure provides protection from foxes and other predators

Overall, a chicken coop and run are both very beneficial for raising a healthy and happy hens. Making sure that your hens are safe and roosting nicely in their coops and exploring the confines of their runs is what provides a fulfilling and long life for many chickens..

Having a chicken run is an important part in the cultivation of chickens. Keep in mind that chickens that don't have enough space tend to get bored or aggressive and bullying, feather pecking and egg eating can occur as a result.

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